what are you talking about

i was totally there


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i couldnt get some of the cysts to go away

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The Best Nick Cage

is crazy nick cage


its not like he has the best track record of being a good actor but i think he fits this role perfectly. the character seems crazy and so is he. i still think the movie will be terible beyond belief but at least i get to see cage not make any sense and scream abunch for 2 hours

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Best Cake Ever

oh man that might be the coolest birthday cake ever. the only thing that would have made it better would be if they could have added powerups. the kid who this was made for is about six and he probaly plays that game every day of his life.

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Civil Unrest


people will act as civil as you want until you turn off basic utilites you take away water you get riots to take away electricity you get protesters you turn off the internet people freak out. it reminded me of when new orleans was hit by katrina. people were sniping at hospitals and the surrounding areas blocked the roads not letting people leave new orleans. people need a bit more control.

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more americans killed by Somali pirates it brings up the question what happened to the attacks they seemed to be going strong for a while then we stopped hearing about the. so were they still happening and we just werent told or did the pirates just stop. im sure that the pirates killed more people in the past six months that in this latest attack but everyone only care because they were american citzens. interesting where our prioitys are as a society

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a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in new zeland which killed dozens i didnt know that new zeeland was anywhere near a major fault line.it was cofirmed 65 people dead and the country looks like a bomb hit it all the buildings are destroyed and there is high flooding. the dead remind of zombies just based on the way they look. i wonder how this will affect the shooting of the hobbit

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magazine 2

Pacmans tragic death magazine

Found people magazine cover

Cropped it down to just title

Created 8-11 document

Placed cropped title

Found a picture of Mario swinging a mallet

Placed Mario in 8-11

Used magic wand to remove background

Found an image of pacman as a person cowering in fear of the ghosts

Placed pacman in 8-11

Used eraser to remove the ghosts completely from the background

Created rectangle to cover the background that matched the background colour of pacman fear picture

Used free transform to resize Mario and pacman pictures

Used eraser to cut away exterior details from pacman Placed a yellow rectangle behind people title

Used eraser to remove background and fine details Added month and year in white text above people title

Created blue rectangle Dragged it down in layers till it was behind the title Created yellow rectangle placed on top of blue rectangle at the bottom

Added upc code Placed green rectangle with Exclusive text on top

Added text  exclusive details about roid rage Mario Added text  and peach’s baby?

Found a picture of peach crying Resized it and placed it in between text and upc code

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Magazine 1

Skeptical Inquirer Magazine

Found image of squirtle wearing a beret

Found a cartoonish looking gun

Used wand tool to remove background on both

Moved gun into squirtle image placed in squirtles hand

Found a bandolier image

Cropped bandolier out of background

Placed on squirtles front

Copyed and placed it again

Created 8/11

Saved squirtle with edits as a jpg

Opened jpg in 8/11

Placed title skeptical inquirer

Added Cuban flag to background image

Dragged layers above flag

Cropped white space around title out using magic wand

Added date text and other headers

Placed upc code into corner

Resized images to scale saved as psd and jpg

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photo lesson 15


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