movie review No Country For Old Men

No Funtry for old men



Josh Brolin (Llewellyn Moss), Tommy lee Jones (Tom Bell), Javier Bardem (Anton Chigurh), Kelly Macdonald (Carla Jean Moss), Woody Harrelson (Carson Wells)


Plot synopsis

In the 1970’s a hunter Llewellyn Moss (Josh Brolin), stumbles upon the remains of a drug deal gone bad and finds 2 million dollars. Llewellyn (Brolin) must then run from the crazed Anton (Javier Bardem) until a confrontation occurs and Brolin is forced to hide in Mexico. Carson Wells (Woody Harelson) is sent by a large corporation to stop Anton and retrieve the 2 million from Brolin. Mean while the desperate Sheriff (Tommy lee Jones) is trying to get Brolin whereabouts from his wife (Kelly Macdonald) so he can help him deal with his pursuer.



The main theme is that the world has always been just as dangerous as ever and that it has become no place for old men. That they can’t keep up with the crime anymore.



This movie would probably be enjoyed by anyone above the age of 16 but under the age of 65. I think the movie moves a little to slow and not enough action to hold the attention of people under 16 but is too violent for the people over 60.



I really like this movie I thought it was really interesting to see the world from this perspective. It was a really thought provoking movie with a strong plot and very likeable characters. I liked the attention to detail in the buildings interiors, the cars and even the way that the characters dress was all very authentic to the time when the movie takes place.


Rating system.

My rating system works in puppies.  So I give this movie 9 puppies out of 10


June 14, 2011. comtech, culminating.

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